As Dayton’s largest Pagan non-profit, we seek to further community connections. By this we partner with local Covens, Groves, Temples, Churches, Houses, and any other non-profit Pagan Organizations. We bolster one another in our Pagan faith by sharing events, classes, rituals, and any other community functions. Scroll down to see a list of our current partners.

Benefits to partnerships include having your organizations pamphlet included in DPC member packets. Exclusive invitations to represent your organization, at DPCs discursion, at specific DPC events. As well as being added into DPC local listings.

As a partner, the organization is required to send a representative to three or more quarterly Board meetings, yearly. Partnered organizations must also host or participate in one or more DPC events per year. Non-profit Pagan partnership with the Dayton Pagan Coalition is 100% free.

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Partner Representation in DPC – How it Works

Our Bylaws include a structure to allow Partner Orgs to have a say in the Board through a sub group referred to as the Representative Council. Each Partner Org chooses someone to represent them in this council, and this council can then choose one among them to hold the Board seat of Trustee to the Council.
While convoluted, this provides Partners representation without overriding the vote from DPC membership.