Who are We?

The Dayton Pagan Coalition is a non-profit organization of pagans living in and around Dayton.

Our purpose has many parts:

  • To foster a sense of community among local Pagan individuals and groups
  • To encourage the Dayton Pagan community to work in partnership with the broader public community
  • To provide a hub for communication and interaction among the local Pagan individuals and groups
  • To originate, arrange, sponsor and hold events and education for the advancement of the local Pagan community
  • To promote public awareness and acceptance of the Pagan community at large
  • To engage in fundraising activities as part of an ongoing capital drive campaign to support DPC activities and events
  • To provide charitable works to the Greater Dayton public at large

The DPC has been structured to support members, local businesses, and local organizations who would like to partner with us. Individual people can join as members to gain access to the library of books and ritual items available for checkout, newsletters, and ability to vote on DPC matters. Local businesses can become a sponsor of DPC to include their advertising in our site and newsletters. For Local Organizations, i.e. local covens, groves, and temples, there is a partnership system defined into our Bylaws to provide for the sharing of resources and information with our partner organizations. By working together can we help strengthen our Dayton Pagan community and support all who are on their own paths.

How do we work?

If you’re interested in checking out the nuts and bolts of how we function, here are some handy links to further details:

DPC Bylaws

DPC Policy Manual