Hello and welcome!

The Dayton Pagan Alliance (DPA) and the Dayton Area Pagan Network (DAPN) are merging!
This Fall 2016 the two organizations will merge to become a single organization with a new name:

The Dayton Pagan Coalition (DPC)

Why the merger?

The Dayton pagan community, while growing, is still relatively small. This helps us all unite and use our resources more effectively. In addition, numerous people have trouble keeping track of the difference between the letters DPA and DAPN (members included!). Let’s simplify that for everyone.

Many people have jokingly referred to the two as right-brain (DPA) and left brain (DAPN). The DPA’s focus was on building an open community with events and information. The DAPN’s focus was on helping community members network by sharing local calendar events and planning the yearly Dayton Pagan Pride Day.

These two will now be combined so we can all work together to keep both focuses going, and to do even more!

What does this mean for me?

Plenty! The DPC has been structured to support members, local businesses, and local organizations who would like to partner with us.

Individual people can join as members to gain access to the library of books and ritual items available for checkout, newsletters, and ability to vote on DPC matters. Yearly membership dues are $13 and will last through December 2017 – if you join now, that’s an extra 3 months free!

We want to support you Local Businesses, too! By becoming a sponsor of DPC, we’ll work with you to include your advertising in our site and newsletters.
Finally, for the Local Organizations, i.e. local covens, groves, and temples, we also want to partner with you, too! We have a partnership system defined into our Bylaws to provide for the sharing of resources and information with our partner organizations. By working together can we help strengthen our Dayton Pagan community and support all who are on their own paths.