Merry Meet, welcome to the Dayton Pagan Coalition. We are an organization of Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, Vodounist, Healers, Polytheists, Occultist, and Magick Workers based in the Dayton area. We are the largest Pagan non-profit in the Dayton area. The Dayton Pagan Coalition seeks to maintain a community of individuals committed to building a deep spiritual practice, sharing knowledge, and helping one another on our Pagan path.

Members of the Dayton Pagan Coalition are focused on cultivating and facilitating Pagan community. As a multi-Pagan Spiritual organization, we are growing with each new day. We seek to bring the blessings of the Gods and Spirits to the local, regional, and national community. The Dayton Pagan Coalition is not a tradition or a church, however we do seek a unified Pagan community.

Dayton Pagan Coalition serves the community by hosting events, classes, and rituals to further the public understanding of modern Paganism.  We observe the following: Solar and Lunar tides, pursuing knowledge of esoteric and spiritual matters, maintaining a daily spiritual practice, volunteer work, and establishing close bonds with members of the areas Covens, Groves, Temples, and Houses.

We host a number of events and workshops, along with providing a local network for pagans to find and support each other. Check out our Events page to see more about regular events.