About once a quarter we partner with a number of local diviners, clairvoyants, and mediums to raise money for the Dayton Pagan Coalition!  DPC is the sole sponsor of the annual Dayton Pagan Pride event is this is one of our favorite fundraisers for the event.

We are expanding our reach by offering an online event. Our online event will also include a selection of vendors and healers.  Proceeds are divided among the readers, healers and vendors, the DPC, and the cost of hosting the event.

This event was July 18, 2020

This event will be hosted on Zoom. Links for readers and vendors will be available the day of the event. And only live during the event. We will also have all of the information available on Facebook. This is a totally new technology for all us. As much as we’d love to see you all, we also want you to know that you can shop, get a reading and socialize in the Zoom groups that will be set up for the event, and be safe. We hope to see you there, learning as we are learning in this unusual time.

To check out our vendors: Click Here!

Are you a reader or a vendor? Apply here if you’d like to Read or Vend at our next Psychic Fair event!
DPC Psychic Fair – Vendor Application
DPC Psychic Fair- Reader Application