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Special Guests for 2016!


Kellianna is an American Neo-Celtic singer and songwriter internationally renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors with primal drumming and soaring vocals. Since 2003 Kellianna has performed her music in 9 countries on 3 continents with regular visits to Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Australia.

In early 2014 she decided to move forward with the creation of a book trilogy inspired by the song “Warrior Queen” from her 2004 debut album, Lady Moon. The song is about a queen who dies on the battlefield, with the story beginning at her death. The “Warrior Queen Chronicles” is a series of three books telling of this queen’s life, with the story in the books ending where the song begins. After meeting Kaalii Cargill in Australia in October 2013, and then again in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2014 where she picked up the author’s latest book, “Daughters of Time”, Kellianna knew that she had found the perfect person to help her bring her vision of the Warrior Queen’s story to life.

Lady Moon 2004
I Walk with the Goddess 2007
Elemental 2010
The Ancient Ones 2012
Traditions 2013
Fairy’s Love Song 2015 by Lady Moon Duo
The Green Album 2016 Multi-Artist Compilation

Tish Owen

Tish Owen, 64, owner of metaphysical shop The Goddess and the Moon, may be one of Nashville’s most famous Wiccans. She often serves as a local spokeswoman on matters of witchcraft and the paranormal.

Owen occasionally appears in national TV shows, like on on A&E’s “Cursed,” on an episode about the Bell Witch, a purported 200-year haunting of the Bell family in Adams, Tenn., near Springfield. The Bell Witch story inspired several movies.

Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth is a practicing Rootworker and Diviner who just relocated to central Ohio after spending her adult life as a resident of Chicago, Illinois. In her youth she would vacation with her family in Alabama where she learned of the spirituality, superstitions, and customs of the American south. She offers her services to clients internationally and helps them with spiritual issues using divination and American Folk Magic. She also performs Playing Card, Tarot, Lenormand, and Candle divination services.

Her magical practice is traditional American Folk Magic. It is a mixture of traditional Black, Native American, and European practices.

“I am a Haitian Vodouisant, and I see Rootwork and Divination as my ministry. My work as a spiritual life coach has changed many lives for better, and this is my mission as a Worker.”

The Magical Druid

Based out of Columbus, “to us, The Magical Druid isn’t just a storefront on a corner, an online shopping site, or even a business, really. Instead, it’s a way of “being:” we live our lives as magical Druids, seeking the sacred in nature, deepening our work, and building relationships with others (both human and spirit).

Both Seamus and Michael are trained in the study programs of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry. Both have been deeply active in the local ADF Grove, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, as well as the Columbus Sanctuary, and done work both academically and functionally in other traditions as well. We’ve built strong connections to the community around us, and we really hope to give back to those who have given us so much.”