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2016 Schedule

Time Event Location
10:00 am Opening Ceremony and Ritual (Chalice of the Willow) Ritual Circle
10:30 am “Journey of the Fool” Moon Pavilion
11:00 am “Rootwork 101” Sun Area
11:30 am “Spelling it Correctly” Moon Pavilion
12:00 pm “A Perspective on Modern Heathenry” Sun Area
12:30 pm Main Ritual (Magical Druid) Ritual Circle
1:30 pm Performance: Kelianna Moon Pavilion
2:30 pm Drum Circle Begins Ritual Circle
3:00 pm “Kellianna: Warrior Queen Chronicles” Moon Pavilion
3:30 pm “Household Magic” Sun Area
4:00 pm “Secret Flame” Moon Pavilion
4:30 pm Closing Ceremony (6th Night Grove) Ritual Circle



Opening Ceremony
led by Chalice of the Willow

Main Midday Ritual – Bloc
led by The Magical Druid

Closing Ceremony
led by the 6th Night Grove

Music and Performances

Singer, Songwriter, Chantress
1:30 pm – Main Pavilion
Come hear this American Neo-Celtic singer and songwriter internationally renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times! With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors with primal drumming and soaring vocals. Since 2003 Kellianna has performed her music in 9 countries on 3 continents with regular visits to Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Australia.

Drum Circle
2:30 pm – Ritual Circle
Come one and all to start the drums! Bring your drums, your noisemakers, and your feet! If you don’t have a drum and would like to play, many like to bring extra instruments.

Events Running Throughout the Day

Altar Walk
A yearly favorite, we invite groups and practitioners in the area to set up small altars out in the open with an informational paper explaining the significance of each altar setup and theme. Past years have included druid, thelemic, wiccan, eclectic, goddess, and even dragon altars!

Informational Booths
Multiple organizations in the area will have their own information booths near the welcome booth. If you’ve ever been curious or would just love to see what’s already established in the area, stop on by!

Vendor’s Row
We’ve been blessed to have a number of vendors interested in appearing to sell their wonderful wares! Do take the time to wander through vendor row on the way to a panel – there’s always a great variety of items!

Food Vending
What would a festival be without food? Look for the food vendors at the end of the parking lot alongside the path to the restrooms.



Journey of the Fool
presented by Tim Gemperline
10:30 am – Moon Pavilion

Rootwork 101
presented by Elizabeth Ruth
11:00 am – Sun Area
Have you ever heard about someone “throwing a root” on someone, and you wanted to know what it meant? Join me for a two-hour seminar where we will discuss the basics of Rootwork. Rootwork is magical tradition of Black Americans with roots in African Traditional Religions that later integrated Christianity and other aspects of the magical traditions through their exposure to many cultures in the United States. It is often called Hoodoo or Conjure, but the basis of the work is the power of the root, Ancestor veneration, and a connection with an Almighty Creator.

Spelling it Correctly
presented by Tish Owen
11:30 am – Moon Pavilion
Spelling it Correctly is an interactive workshop that will help you to understand how and why spells work. You will learn about different methods of spellwork such as candle magick, poppets, incantations and more. Bring a notebook.

A Perspective on Modern Heathenry
presented by The Magical Druid
12:00 pm – Sun Area
A brief overview on some of the concepts and practices of Asatru. This workshop will give you the fundamentals you need to begin your path in heathenry.

Kellianna: Warrior Queen Chronicles
presented by Kellianna
3:00 pm – Moon Pavilion
A discussion of her book.

Household Magic
presented by Patti Wiggington
3:30 pm – Sun Area
Patti will be presenting a fun and interactive workshop on The Magic of Household Witchcraft. Topics include household altars, kitchen magic, and how to use mundane items around your house in magical workings. The only thing you need to bring is your creativity and imagination!

Secret Flame
presented by Sword and Serpent Oasis
4:00 pm – Moon Pavilion
Please join David Campbell in a Discussion of Sacred Fire as viewed through the Philosophy of Thelema and Ceremonial Magick. We will examine this concept, how it applies to us as an individual, and how it can relate to any Spiritual Path.